Resorts World, China In The Heart Of Las Vegas

A China-themed casino is in the works in Las Vegas. The site of the former Stardust casino on the trip will host a $ 4 billion investment for the construction of the Resorts World complex. Purchased from Boyd Gaming in 2013, this land was to be the site of a pharaonic project called The Echelon Place. Built, but never completed, this project has been at a standstill since 2008. The pharaminous Resorts World project will highlight Chinese culture.

China in Las Vegas

If the schedule established by the Malaysian giant Genting Group is respected, the construction of the Resorts World complex in Las Vegas will end in 2018. This investment of 4 billion dollars in preparation will take up an Asian theme. This new casino will honor China and its cultures. Moreover, during the announcement of this new complex, a big ceremony was organized during which the guests were able to attend the ritual of the lion dance.

This gigantic complex will replace the Echelon building on the former site of the Stardust casino on the Las Vegas strip. Boyd Gaming, whose economic situation was not in good shape, had ceded the ground to the Genting group in 2013 for the sum of 350 million dollars. Indeed, the Boyd Gaming project has not changed since 2008. The Echelon Place hotel complex of the group has not been able to succeed.

Resorts World in Las Vegas: a very ambitious project

Covering an area of ​​more than 35 hectares, the large Resorts World complex in Las Vegas will consist of a huge casino, a hotel, a China-themed shopping center, an amphitheater and perhaps a few facilities offered by Malaysian group Genting. Customers and gamers will be able to discover an enclosure for pandas. The hotel with more than 3,500 rooms will surround the giant casino. The amphitheater will have 4,000 open-air seats. The Malaysian group is also considering a few facilities such as an aquarium, indoor water park and bowling alley.

Genting Group owns several hotel complexes around the world. KT Lim, President and CEO of the group, is quite familiar with casino hotels in Las Vegas. Steve Wynn, a fixture in the land-based casino industry, said he was delighted to see such a project take place on the Las Vegas strip.